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Carbon 60

Health Benefits of Carbon 60 ( PART 2 )

Possible Health Benefits of Carbon 60

Part 2


#7 Promotes Cleanliness & Supports Good Hygiene

Keeping clean and maintaining proper hygiene are important, not only for our own sanity, but also for keeping the doctor at bay!

Each time we scrub down with soap, wash our hair or brush our teeth, we are removing trillions of bacteria and other microorganisms. While the vast majority of these bacteria are typically friendly, a small proportion are not and these are precisely what hygiene helps to keep in check.

Not to mention, much of our body odor and sometimes acne can be attributed to our micro-organisms or their by-products, both within our bodies or on the skin.

Carbon-60 has been repeatedly investigated for its pro-cleanliness properties.

Preliminary experiments so far revealed that in various forms, C60 may have great potential as a disinfectant, even in very small amounts.

Beyond being able to potentially dispose of several types of bacteria and fungi, current data on the subject reveals that C60 may be able to clean away certain viruses as well – all of which could affect our overall hygiene.

Supplementing with lab-grade C60 may therefore have the potential to lessen cases of bad breath and maintain better body odor by supporting good hygiene and promoting both internal and external cleanliness.


#8 Might Help You Maintain an Even Waistline

Don’t get too excited – there is no research as of yet that even hints towards buckyballs as a weight loss supplement.

However, there have been several exciting studies revealing that these prehistoric compounds may discourage you from gaining more weight than you currently have right now.

With both human and mouse cell cultures, test-tube studies haveshown that both fat-soluble and water-soluble versions of carbon-60 may have the potential to help us maintain a regular weight by promoting an environment in which normal cells are less likely to turn into fat cells.

More research is required before we can say for sure if it will be the same inside the body, however it looks promising for those of us who struggle to keep an even waistline!


#9 Might Be Useful As A Chemo Support Supplement

The evidence is not conclusive and scientists are still carrying out more trials on C60 to see whether it could work as a viable chemo support option, but the initial data looks promising.

For starters, laboratory findings indicate that C60 may be able to support a micro-environment that does not allow for cells to grow in an uncontrolled or unbalanced way.

Furthermore, a growing body of evidence is suggesting that nutritional support may be of great benefit for chemotherapy patients as it appears to promote compliance to the therapy as well as offer potential immune support.

Due to the fact that buckyballs have a high antioxidant capacity, seem to also support immune function and appear to be safe (if given in a pure form), it is plausible that they may be able to serve as a potent dietary support for chemotherapy patients in the future. Only time and more research will tell!.


#10 Possible UV Protection

In lab experiments on cultured skin cells, it was proven that C60-infused ointment promoted strong youthful skin, helping it to shield itself from the damaging effects of UVA radiation.

The cream on it’s own barely did anything against the radiation, but with the addition of C60, the skin cells in the test-tube were not nearly as sun-damaged as the control groups.

In the same study, it was noted that the buckyballs never went deeper than the outer layer of the skin, remaining where they needed to be to protect the outermost layers.

In separate research using the same carbon-60-doped cream, it was shown that this magic molecule also has the potential to promote less free radical release in the skin as a result of either UVA or UVB radiation.

The results suggest that C60 can pass cellular walls right near the DNA without causing any damage to the skin, while simultaneously promoting its protection! When a comparison was carried out, Buckyballs remain to be superior to other creams claiming to do the same thing.


#11 Might Enhance Your Skincare Routine

Fullerene-60 has been extensively tested for use in skincare applications, especially when the news spread about it’s potential UV-shielding properties.

In experimental rat trials, it was shown that C60 may promote better skin barrier function, especially when administered topically (as opposed to being injected into the skin).

When the barrier does not function properly, it gives dirt and other micro particles a chance to infiltrate the skin, which can irritate it, detract from our complexion and give rise to acne.

Speaking of acne, scientists observed that topical C60 supported those undergoing acne treatments by maintaining optimal skin function, helping to keep the skin hydrated and enhancing wound repair.

Interestingly, it was proven that lower concentrations of C60 permeated more deeply into the skin, while larger concentrations tended to hang out on the surface.

Larger concentrations were also more effective at promoting better skin barrier function, but just on the surface of the skin.

This suggests that lower concentrations are better for supporting the deeper levels of the skin.

More evidence has also come to light to indicate that fullerene-60 may be able to keep our hair vibrant too!

So far it was observed that this magic molecule has the potential to promote rapid hair growth in bald mice.


#12 Could Prove Helpful As A Support for Male Infertility Treatments

For those who are battling to conceive and who have been prescribed with fertility-enhancing treatments, Carbon-60 may lend a helping hand as a dietary support; especially for men who battle in the bedroom.

In preliminary studies involving male rats, fullerene C60 appeared to support overall genital function, enhance sex drive, boost testosterone levels, increase the rate of sperm production and promote the production of robust sperm cells.

More research is still required before this can be truly confirmed as true for humans too.


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